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Planet Smart City and Kolte-patil Developers address high demand for 1bhk homes in the smart housing segment in Hinjawadi, Pune

As urban India grows in means and aspirations, the youth gravitates towards geographies for job opportunities. This has led to a shift in home preferences towards smaller-homes and fully-furnished homes with a lesser need to buy immovables like furniture. Moving for work becomes a plug-and-play exercise while selecting a home to rent and stay in for young mobile professionals. Universe, Planet’s flagship project in Pune, India has launched 1 BHK fully furnished apartments to meet the huge market demand in the Hinjewadi belt, which is a prominent IT hub

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Press coverage
How 5G will revolutionize real estate & property management

Recently, India saw the introduction of much-anticipated next-generation 5G network services.  It has the potential to be the driving force behind economic progress in all sectors and businesses. 5G is a dependable, high capacity, low latency communications network that is ubiquitous and less expensive than existing high bandwidth solutions, according to Stephen Dunphy, Global Head of IoT. In the future 5G networks will coexist with LoRaWAN networks for IoT in general, and Proptech, real estate, and property management in particular for eg. smart infrastructure management

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water scarcity in housing societies
What Are the Major Problems Faced by Residents Due to Water Scarcity?

More than 2.1 billion people still lack access to safely managed drinking water and about 40% of the global population face water scarcity. Despite how valuable this resource is, water can sometimes lead to maintenance problems in housing societies. Be it receiving contaminated or unclean water, experiencing a shortage of water, or dealing with unforeseen leaks and wastage, housing societies are facing a lot of challenges in the cover of water scarcity in metro cities. Water is one of the most undervalued but overused commodities while being a necessity for people. Let’s find out how and where are we going wrong while dealing with this major water crises.

Planning and Architecture
9 Essential Points To Check for Before Buying a House in Pune

If finding your dream home is turning out to be a nightmare, this checklist is just the thing you need!

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Why Wastewater Treatment Is Important for Housing Societies?

A modern and efficient wastewater treatment plant has to be the most important yet underappreciated amenity in a housing society. Read why?

Press coverage
Planet Smart City appoints Alessandro Marchesini as Chief Digital Strategy Officer

Alessandro Marchesini has been appointed Chief Digital Strategy Officer at Planet Smart City. Based in Planet’s London office, he will drive growth in the Group’s digital business internationally through the development of new products and services. Alessandro will focus on three key areas: consolidating the digital service offering in Planet’s smart affordable housing solutions; adding new value to the SaaS (software-as-a-service) offering dedicated to real estate developers for new construction projects; and defining digital products capable of increasing the management efficiency of large residential complexes

Pune set to witness a steady real estate recovery; the full article.
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    Diving deep into what entails community management team’s work at Planet Smart City

    The main agenda behind community development in housing societies is to provide support and propagate a feeling of kinship within its residents. Read on to find out how Planet Smart City has been an active contributor towards this factor.

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    Importance of a “Smart Community” for India’s housing societies

    A smart community aims to use the same technology incorporated into smart homes to push inclusive prosperity, solve social problems, and improve the quality of life for individuals. Read on to know more.

    Press coverage
    Planet Smart City partners with Tree-Nation to plant trees globally

    Reforestation is an important and responsible activity that is essential to mitigate the impact of climate change. As part of our ESG agenda, Planet Smart City takes its sustainability responsibility very seriously, right from the impact of our construction activity to how we engage with residential communities around the world to positively influence our actions. Recently Planet Smart City partnered with Tree-Nation to plant more than 1,200 trees globally as part of its sustainability commitment. Our Head of ESG, Lise Rosat, had this to say while covering this development – “Planet’s partnership with Tree-nation is a positive step regarding the awareness raising effort on climate change within Planet employees. Forests are essential carbon sinks and Planet recognizes reforestation’s vital role in climate change mitigation and ecological conservation.”

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