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Innovation & Technology
Urban digitisation on a human scale

In future cities, digital infrastructure will enable the provision of new services to support community development, provide a green and sustainable environment and improve social inclusion and well-being of people. Today’s citizens are not only looking for spaces to live, but for those where services are available.

Innovation & Technology
AIoT: Driving The Future Of Digital Societies

In a country like India where the battle for energy and water is never ending, AIoT enabled solutions stand as a boon, especially for housing societies that are looking to digitise, automate, and sustainably manage their water and energy consumption.

Rain water harvesting: A boon for optimising irrigation systems in housing societies

Despite having 16 percent of the world’s population, India has only 4 percent of the world’s freshwater. At Planet Smart City, we have developed technologies that optimise the irrigation of society gardens & green spaces. These systems can be designed to draw water from rainwater harvesting tanks which together reduce water usage by more than 50%.

Innovation & Technology
Struggling with energy bills? Three ways to keep track of usage and reduce costs

At Planet Smart City, we constantly think of ways to improve community living through smart solutions. Our proprietary digital platform, Planet App, leverages the power of IoT (Internet of Things) to provide solutions for societies and residents, where they can easily track, analyse and manage consumption of their utilities, including electricity, from their mobile phones.

Real Estate Development
Demystifying smart living: A look at four common myths

1) It is only about the gadgets
2) It is just for the rich
3) It is only about safety and security
4) It is complex & reduces human interaction

Social Communities
Accessibility is key to building an inclusive community in India

Accessibility (particularly in apartments) is necessary for people with physical disabilities, especially in India where 2.21% of the population is differently abled. At Planet Smart City, we incorporate ‘smart solutions’ such as elevated urban gardens, specialised paths for the visually impaired, accessible toilets in commercial spaces etc. that promote inclusivity by welcoming all possible users.

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Smart communities need the human touch

With great technology comes great responsibility, a major one being the need to maintain that human touch where people are connected with their neighbours and enjoy the small things together. At Planet Smart City, we believe in the system of community management that uses technology to go beyond it by bringing people together.

Smart Community
Leadership Articles
A smart community is about more than technology

Though technology is an integral part of creating smart communities, a true smart community is an interconnected network of residents, businesses and service organisations, leveraging the use of technologies for economic growth, social benefits and environmental sustainability. These communities are sustainable and self-sufficient, encouraging social interactions and staying resilient in the face of increasing pressures.

How COVID-19 can change what people think about smart communities?

Covid-19 compelled people to value two main things: credibility of the information’s source and active collaboration. The “smart solutions” that we offer help communities with both these by providing a single source of information that is aligned with the governmental agencies and a platform for residents to collaborate, volunteer and organise during natural disasters or emergencies.