Digital Tools for Real Estate

Top 10 Digital Tools That Contribute to a Secure and Convenient Housing Society

Technology is getting more and more ingrained in our way of life in the twenty-first century. Things that were once thought to be impossible are now becoming commonplace. Technology is now present everywhere and in every aspect of life, including workplaces, households, and educational institutions. The quick and broad adoption of these technological advancements has […]

Buying vs Renting Real Estate
Buying vs renting property – which one is better?

If you’re like the majority of people, you’ve found one or two dream homes while browsing listing websites. The decision to switch from renting to owning, however, must be made before you have found your ideal home. Before choosing what is right for you, there are a number of things to take into account, including […]

Real Estate Development
Key impact areas for the future of property development in India

The Covid epidemic has been difficult for the majority of real estate enterprises. Property developers have seen an extremely difficult and uncertain time, and the real-world effects on the big players and the minor ones in this industry have vastly differed. Unless you have access to inexpensive financing, the margins in real estate development are […]

Social Communities
Diving deep into what entails community management team’s work at Planet Smart City

Community development approach at Planet Smart City The Community Development team at Planet Smart City believes in a bottom-up approach where the needs of the community are at the centre while designing any intervention. We include the community at every step in our way while planning and implementing any activities or projects. The first point […]

Importance of a “Smart Community” for India’s housing societies

As social beings, humans have evolved to live and work with others in a community where we can thrive. When we use the word ‘Community,’ we refer to any social unit that is bound by shared customs, identifying characteristics, values, beliefs, or norms. India is one of the most multifaceted and socio-culturally diverse countries around […]

Innovation & Technology
Smart Bench: Digital Furniture For An Urban Culture

It is no surprise that we are living in an era where our life is heavily dependent on technology, particularly mobile phones and the internet. Whether you are outside and need the internet for something crucial or just want to sit out and relax watching online content, either way it is downright frustrating with unstable […]

Pune set to witness a steady real estate recovery; the full article.
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    Smart Infrastructure Management
    A step towards water sustainability with “Planet SIM”

    Though the importance of saving water is well known, many fail to acknowledge the ways of utilising it sustainably. As a responsible citizen, it is crucial to be aware of the techniques of saving water on not just a personal level but on a larger scale including our housing society’s water management. From washing and […]

    Area Lounge @ Smart City Laguna
    Planning and Architecture
    Smart solutions to improve urban mobility

    With rapid urbanisation affecting cities across the globe, intelligent planning of urban environments and technology are now central to improving mobility. Functional smart solutions are needed – not only to minimise the amount of time and money citizens spend on everyday trips, but also to limit environmental pollution. 

    Group indian people are using computer laptop
    Social Communities
    Happier communities: 6 simple ways to create lasting connections

    Lockdown has caused people to spend less time outside connecting with others, and more time inside looking at screens. The fact that this leads to anxiety and a fear of missing out on things is no secret. In this article, we’ll discuss six simple and meaningful ways to make lasting connections and help you overcome any negative feelings you might be experiencing.

    Key innovations
    4 key innovations shaping the future of real estate

    Given a choice, what would you choose? To live in a society with basic amenities such as a garden, gym, pool, water and power backup OR To live in one that has basic amenities along with additional innovative features such as resource efficient systems, digitally enabled security & entertainment solutions, collective spaces for community well-being, […]

    Outdoor lounge area @ Smart City Laguna
    What is a Smart City?

    For Planet, a smart city is a project which integrates a series of solutions in technology, architecture, social innovation, and environmental sustainability, to improve people’s lives.

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    Innovation & Technology
    Urban digitisation on a human scale

    In future cities, digital infrastructure will enable the provision of new services to support community development, provide a green and sustainable environment and improve social inclusion and well-being of people. Today’s citizens are not only looking for spaces to live, but for those where services are available.

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